We love IoT and provide SOFTWARE PRODUCTS that enable

  • secure remote access to IoT devices
  • building IoT edge device/gateway applications in C++ and JavaScript

For device and IoT edge gateway manufacturers

  • Give your service partners and customers an easy, hassle-free and secure way of remotely accessing their devices.
  • Minimize development and operational costs by integrating our highly customizable secure remote access solution.
  • Empower the customers of your IoT/edge gateway to build the solution they need by integrating our developer friendly and resource efficient SDK.

For IoT software developers and system integrators

  • Build custom IoT edge applications faster by building upon our industry-proven and battle hardened SDK for C++ and JavaScript.
  • Reduce software development costs by using our customizable software building blocks that are scriptable with JavaScript.
  • Reduce hardware costs by using our lightweight, highly scalable and flexible software framework.

Our Products

macchina.io REMOTE

Secure remote access via web, shell, file transfer, remote desktop and other protocols to IoT and edge devices behind routers or firewalls.

macchina.io REMOTE delivers secure remote access and management via web, mobile and desktop apps, shell (SSH), file transfer (SSH, SFTP) and remote desktop (VNC, RDP). For end-users, service partners and product support teams. No insecure port forwarding, scarce public IPv4 addresses, or complex and inflexible VPNs required.

macchina.io EDGE

A C++ and JavaScript SDK for building IoT applications connecting sensors, devices and cloud services on Linux-based edge devices and IoT gateways.

macchina.io EDGE is an efficient and low-footprint software development kit (SDK) for building edge computing applications running on Linux-based IoT gateways and edge devices in C++ and JavaScript. macchina.io EDGE takes the complexity out of integrating sensors, actuators, devices and cloud services.

Why Work with Us

Reliable, Industry Proven Software

We have been providing software frameworks and applications to our customers since 2006. Our software products have been deployed in millions of devices, including building automation, industrial equipment, cars, as well as countless applications.

Open Source

As the founders of the POCO C++ Libraries project, one of the most appreciated C++ libraries, our team has been active in the open source community since 2004. The valuable feedback from thousands of developers has influenced our software development.

Modular, Extensible, and Efficient Software

We value and create software that is resource efficient, modular, extensible and customizable to our customer's needs. macchina.io EDGE and macchina.io REMOTE can be provided as white-label product, branded and styled to our customer's requirements, and integrated with your own product or platform.

Full Control of Your Data

macchina.io REMOTE, our server product, is designed to be easily self-hosted by our customers, on a cloud platform of their choice or on-prem. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the source code for all software that runs on their devices, so they are in full control of what our software does.

Save Infrastructure and Hardware Costs

We are proud of the efficiency and low footprint of our software. For our customers this means lower cloud hosting fees and the ability to run on less powerful, but cost efficient hardware. Plus, the reduced resource usage helps the environment.

Made in EU - Used Worldwide

Our software is proudly crafted in the European Union and used by customers all around the world.

Leading companies trust in macchina.io to build their customized IoT solutions.

Stronger Together - Meet Our Partners

Partner Locations
  • Munich, Germany
  • Paderborn, Germany
  • Memphis TN, USA
  • Rijeka, Croatia
  • Singapore
  • Pune, India
  • Ringwood, Australia
  • Israel

Interested in becoming a partner?
Contact us if you are a technology consulting company, system integrator or edge gateway manufacturer.